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Dr. Christo Franklin is a Los Angeles based psychologist who is trained to help patients deal with anxiety, trauma, PTSD and stress. He is also keenly interested in couples counseling and helping people find their path to a fulfilling career.
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Contact Dr. Franklin to schedule your first session

Feel like you’re in a constant struggle with worry? low motivation? panic? with unpredictable moods? or with your past? …Is it dragging down your quality of life like an anchor?

Are you in a relationship where you feel you’re not getting through, or you’re tired of the same issues coming up, or there’s been an infidelity and you agonize over how could you ever rebuild what you two had before?…I can help. Doesn’t matter if you walk in the vanilla world or not. No judgements.


Meet Dr. Christo Franklin

I graduated Princeton, Yale, and the Chicago School. I live in Venice and have an inter-ethnic, inter-faith marriage. Before becoming a psychologist, I trained to be an Episcopal priest, served as hospice chaplain and continue to serve non-denominationally in South Central and Highland Park. I left EOB in June 2010 and now am in private practice in downtown LA, where I’m very happy.

Anxiety, Trauma, EMDR

if you are having problems with anxiety or trauma, let’s do an evaluation. After evaluating what kind of problems you are having, I can offer you treatment options and a description of how we might proceed.

EMDR begins with teaching you how to soothe your nervous system’s anxious arousal. Between sessions you practice doing soothing techniques, and just like you notice that a habit of exercising causes your body to change positively, consistently practicing these soothing techniques causes your nervous system to change positively.

Emotion Focused Couples Counseling

What Kind of Couples Counseling Does Dr. Franklin Provide?

I provide two kinds of couples counseling. The first is Emotion Focused Couples Counseling, which is for most couples. The second is EMDR for couples, for couples where traumatic experiences are a prominent factor in the couple’s relationship.


Which Does Dr. Franklin Recommend for Affairs or Infidelity?

I think it depends on whether the affair or infidelity itself directly damaged the trust in the relationship or whether the affair or infidelity primarily is painful because of pre-existing, possibly childhood, betrayals which already predisposed one person in the couple not to be trusting.


For the Non-Vanilla Career

Ok. You’ve found a career you like better than the vanilla alternatives—or maybe you’re still deciding—and even though you love things about it, you’re also faced with problems.

  • Do you stress whether building the career you love will cost you the love life you want?
  • Do you have a hard time figuring out what to do about your parents and family?
  • Guilt tripping?

No judgements. Free first hour consultation.

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