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I need an expert to critique the method, findings, or services of another provider or QME.

Contact me to find out whether the treatment or conclusions of another behavioral/mental health provider should be rejected. The most common mistakes that I see include:

  • Diagnosing a traumatized person as depressed, or not treating trauma with research-validated treatment. The result is an applicant whose GAF remains lower than it might have been had the applicant received the appropriate treatment. Meanwhile the insurer is paying for unsuccessful treatment. And if the patient has not been receiving appropriate treatment, there is little chance the applicant can be deemed MMI unless the applicant is a poor candidate for treatment.
  • Underdetection of suicidality results from clinician’s hurry or lack of training. My private practice specialty is risk assessment; I know what questions to ask. Additionally, treating clinicians sometimes document that they "contracted for safety" with suicidal applicants. This is not standard of care; does not solve the presenting problem; and could result in inpatient hospitalization that might have been avoided had the right intervention been implemented.
  • Inadequate symptom validity testing. The TOMM yields too many false positives and false negatives. Using Green’s tests is more accurate.
  • The use of the MMPI, MCMI, or PAI to diagnose rather than generate hypotheses.
  • The use of neuropsych instruments that were normed using subjects that were not tested for symptom validity. (That means most neuropsych tests.)

I need an AME/PQME. Why are you the right choice?

Nine reasons.

  • I do not do any worker’s comp treatment, in order to avoid any conflict of interest.
  • I understand the twin imperatives of appropriate treatment and of timely closure.
  • I complete reports as soon as possible.
  • I speak Spanish, so I can establish rapport and get a feel for the applicant that someone relying on an interpreter simply cannot.
  • I document applicant assent to the evaluation.
  • I am always on site to do the testing; I never leave a test for a receptionist to administer to an applicant. Never.
  • For allegations of PTSD, I always use the gold standard, the CAPS, because of its reliability and validity. I do not just use DSM criteria because the latter do not produce as reliable a basis for determining the GAF.
  • To ascertain symptom validity I use Green’s tests, not the TOMM, because research shows the TOMM is less accurate.
  • Experience and training: I became certified as a Qualified Medical Examiner in 2011 (So I have always worked as a neutral examiner. I was never part of the system as a pro-aplicant or pro-defense examiner). After working with the well-reputed Glaser Forensic Group, I left to practice independently.