Emotion Focus Couples Counseling - DrChristoFranklin
Emotion Focus Couples Counseling - DrChristoFranklin
Dr. Christo Franklin provides two approaches to couples counseling, emotion focused and EMDR for trauma experienced as a couple. He wants to help couples that have issues with infidelity. Dr. Franklin is willing to come to couples who may need to hold sessions within their own home.
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Emotion Focus Couples Counseling

What Kind of Couples Counseling Does Dr. Franklin Provide?

I provide two kinds of couples counseling. The first is Emotion Focused Couples Counseling, which is for most couples. The second is EMDR for couples, for couples where traumatic experiences are a prominent factor in the couple’s relationship.


Which Does Dr. Franklin Recommend for Affairs or Infidelity?

I think it depends on whether the affair or infidelity itself directly damaged the trust in the relationship or whether the affair or infidelity primarily is painful because of pre-existing, possibly childhood, betrayals which already predisposed one person in the couple not to be trusting.

Emotion couples therapy

Does Dr. Franklin provide Couples Counseling in home as well as at his office?

Yes, for some couples living in DTLA, I can come to your home for sessions. It is important that you consider whether my coming to your home will pose problems for your confidentiality. How is the sound insulation in your home? Are there other sources of disruption at your home? Yet for some, being able to put their toddlers or infants down for a nap and not have to leave them or find childcare elsewhere for them makes in-home sessions a good fit.