Expert Witness and Clinical Consultations

Q: What makes you unique as an expert on suicidality, dangerousness/risk assessment, and 5150/5585 matters?

A: After earning my doctorate in clinical psychology, I completed postdoctoral training at the Los Angeles County’s Emergency Outreach Bureau and continued to work there until mid-2010. The Emergency Outreach Bureau is the division of the county’s Department of Mental Health that responds—going on-scene—to crises such as hostage taking, barricades, disaster, and cases of danger to self or others due to mental disorder, including investigating students whom school administrators believe might commit campus-based shootings.

During my service in the Psychiatric Mobile Response Team as an LPS-designated lead clinician, I responded to 5000 cases. Thus I have not only knowledge of the clinical literature, but unlike any suicidology researcher, I have thousands of experiences intervening on-scene with persons in crisis, as they threatened to jump or shoot or cut, themselves or others.

Q: Do you provide case consultation about their patient’s dangerousness (to self or other)?

Yes. Other clinicians call me about their patients, particularly when they are uncertain how to interpret ambiguous patient indications of dangerousness and would like to document that they consulted with an expert.

Many clinicians are not aware that because we are consulting about a patient’s potential for danger, confidentiality is waived. Whenever available, I offer real time phone consultation, and can follow up by writing out the content of our consultation, including citations of the literature used to support those conclusions, for your patient’s record.

For case consultation, call me at (310) 863-6199.

Q: Do you provide trainings about suicide risk assessment and intervention?

A: Yes. I offer a range of training to internship programs and residential treatment program staff. The depth and duration depend on the training and goals of the program. To set up a training, call me at (310) 863-6199.

Dr. Christo Franklin

M.Div., Psy.D. Psychologist, QME
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (CA # psy24447)