For the Non-Vanilla Career - DrChristoFranklin
For the Non-Vanilla Career - DrChristoFranklin
If you chose a non traditional career path, you are not alone. Dr. Christo Franklin offers therapy and career counseling to those who have taken roads less traveled to achieve their ideal career path. Dr. Franklin's non judgemental perspective prioritizes an objective approach to your career therapy and counseling.
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For the Non-Vanilla Career

Ok. You’ve found a career you like better than the vanilla alternatives—or maybe you’re still deciding—and even though you love things about it, you’re also faced with problems.

  • Do you stress whether building the career you love will cost you the love life you want?
  • Do you have a hard time figuring out what to do about your parents and family?
  • Guilt tripping?
  • Are friends & family asking you for money, and you hate it?
  • Feeling constantly anxious, or panicky at times?
  • Do you feel lonely or angry keeping your career-related successes and worries to yourself?
  • Do you keep making the same decisions and then regretting them?
  • Does your own spending or saving behavior puzzle you?
  • Is it scary or hard to trust, even those worthy of your trust?
  • Do you feel like you could you be more successful, but get in your own way?

No judgements. Free first hour consultation.